What are the requirements for the process of the winder?

2019-03-27 1547

(a) The paper roll needs a certain hardness, and the inside is tight and loose, and the tightness is moderate;

(b) The cross-section of the paper cutting blade should be flat and easy to separate and rework;

(c) For coated whiteboard paper, the paper surface is in contact with the take-up roll, and the paper surface cannot be worn during the winding process;

(d) A higher speed is required, at least 3 to 4 times faster than the speed of the entire paper machine.

The hardness of the paper roll can also be expressed as density. The density is the weight of the paper roll divided by the volume, and the density is large. The tightness is to prevent the paper roll from being too large and easy to deform during the winding process. Prevent the paper roll from being too tight. There is not enough elasticity in the transportation process to be easily damaged. Therefore, the paper roll can neither be too loose nor too tight, and the inner and outer elastic can not be too different.



In the process of cutting the paper, the paper cutter will inevitably form a slit end face between the two cut papers. In theory, it can be cut into a plane, but in practice, it is often impossible to cut the unevenness. When the paper rolls are interlaced, the two rolls of paper are staggered together, and the width of the cut uneven paper rolls is inconsistent, which may cause trouble in use.

The coated whiteboard paper is a coated paperboard having a bright coating on the coated side, and the coated side is in contact with the take-up roll during the rewinding process, so that the paper surface cannot be worn.

Since the rewinding machine has a large number of manual movement processes, the process of the reclaiming process is relatively slowed down, and the general statistical manual dynamics account for 50% to 60% of the rewinding time. Therefore, in order to ensure the continuity of the paper machine, the rewinding machine must be required. The speed of the car is 3 to 4 times that of the paper machine.

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