What is the reason why the tension of the film winder is too small?

2019-03-27 1561

The film rewinding machine in use suddenly has a small tension, which causes it to fail to work properly. Let us analyze what is the reason.

The film winder consists of two most important mechanisms, the discharge end and the receiving end, with some other mechanical structures in between. The receiving end is driven by the motor to drive the magnetic powder clutch. If the magnetic powder clutch is not working properly, the receiving operation cannot be completed. The discharge end is discharged by the magnetic powder brake, and if the magnetic powder brake is not working properly, the discharging operation cannot be performed.

1. The magnetic powder clutch has no tension.

Need to check whether the magnetic powder clutch is burnt out or the controller does not send electricity to the magnetic powder clutch. Here, it is necessary to use the universal meter to detect whether the voltage of the two wires of the magnetic powder clutch is normal, and whether there is resistance or not. Look at the input leads. If there are indentations, it is very likely that the wires are broken and you need to wire them from the head.



2. There is sometimes no tension in the magnetic powder clutch.

For this reason, there is a short circuit or poor contact. Check if the input wire is exposed and touch the mechanical body. Check for loose wire connections. Another reason is that the internal magnetic powder has now lost a part of the magnetic properties, and sometimes there is no phenomenon when tension occurs during the application process. In this case, it is considered to replace the new magnetic powder.

3. The magnetic powder clutch is stuck.

There are several reasons for the magnetic powder clutch to be stuck. One is that the magnetic powder is completely ineffective and the fluidity is poor. Second, the bearing necrosis caused the magnetic powder clutch to be stuck. The third is caused by the hard object inside the magnetic powder clutch.

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